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Advance - 01/07/2350

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Advance - 01/07/2350

Message  throgg le Mer 01 Juil 2009, 10:42 pm

Heads-up Knights, this is the one we've all been waiting for. Pope John XXIV has issued orders to the Militia Dei to liberate New Budapest. For four long years, the forces of darkness have held this city, turning it into a bastion of evil and an affront to the Church's might.

Now, the full weight of the Sacri Ordines is to be turned against the city. The city must be taken, the Church banner must fly from the cathedral spires, and humanity must reign supreme once more.

Liberation of the city gives us a forward base right on the enemy's front door. We win and we can push on into his turf. We fail, and the losses we endure may well hand him victory on a plate.

Our Ordo has been ordered to form the northern flank of the spearhead assault. There's a lot of terrain between here and New Budapest, and we can expect flanking attacks. We strike fast, we strike hard, and maybe we can catch the corpses napping.

Your first objective is to clear a route through the frontline defenses. You've been tasked with taking out a bunker complex along the route. Punch a hole through so other elements can begin an encircling maneuver. Artillery and air support will harass any reinforcement before they get to us.

Enemy Force : The frontline is heavily fortified, so expect heavy resistance.

Support : We're going to be moving fast, so only air support is available. If you get bogged down, artillery may be able to move up in time to assist, but there's no garantee. Two Lances of Sergeants, a Lance of Assault Knights, a Proverb mineclearer, and four Cavalry MBTs are at your disposal.

Equipment : Load yourselves to the limit with spare ammo and rockets. Don't worry about food - the logistics guys will be right behind us.
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Re: Advance - 01/07/2350

Message  Noirfatale le Dim 05 Juil 2009, 2:07 pm

To Knight Commander Mckenenzy, C.O. Battle Epsilon

From Senior Knight Alexander, Lance IIX

Year of grace 2350, July 4.

Sir I am blessed to report that the battle went well. We achieved all our objective although we suffered some losses. Knight Morane and Knight Ferrel fell to direct enemy fire but both bodies were recovered for proper burial. However we suffered other loss as well due to to our inability to properly dispose of the enemies minefield. For some unknown reason, the proverb minesweeper was unable to remove a substantial amount of mines and most of our loss came from that source. We do not know yet if the cause of this tragedy is due to equipment malfunction, misuses of the proper equipment or , may god have mercy on our soul, if the enemy have found a way to bypass our minesweeper protocols.

Preliminary report say that at least 6 mines found their mark and we lost several good soldier to them. We owe those brave soul the effort of trying to find the answer. We cannot afford to loose so many soldiers to mere mines. If the enemy have found new types of mines or if our equipment or protocol were ill suited we must adjust. Many knight are counting on us. We would need proper technical support and I would like to request a Knight Engineer to fill our rank if available.

Also I must report the presence of a Vampire who would seem was the commanding monster on the enemies side. He was taken down in close combat and his remains will be sent back to Lazarite compound for inspection. Let us hope we can get something out of it. As our order was to strike hard and fast I did not try to capture the fiend. Unless you command me otherwise, the safety of my Knights comes first although I understand that sometimes we will have to make sacrifice for the greater good I will make sure not sacrifice them in vain.

May God watch over us.

Lady Abigail Alexander, Senior Knight Ordo Lazarus Sanctus
Lance IIX, Battle Epsilon, Preceptory (insert name here WM)
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