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Gathering Intelligence 31/08/2350

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Gathering Intelligence 31/08/2350

Message  throgg le Sam 25 Juil 2009, 2:18 am

Getting here has been a rough ride, but we're in control of the area around the city. Seems our lightning advance succeeded - the city is isolated and the approach road in our hands. The black cloud covering the city makes it impossible for our spy satellites and recon birds to get a good view of what's happening on the ground. Infrared is useless against the walking dead and we don't know what nasty surprises await our ground troops.

In order to gather reliable intelligence, we're sending out reconnaissance teams into the suburbs to bring back Rephaim for interrogation. Given the mindless nature of lesser Rephaim, we require at least a vampire - alive and unharmed.

We can't allow the Rephaim to learn anything of our plans. Under no circumstances can any of you allow yourselves to be captured.

Enemy Forces : We don't have a clue what to expect. Chances are the suburbs are only light defended but there may well be random patrols. Hundreds of thousands of citizens died during the invasion and we don't know how many are Rephaim and how many are just corpses. Be on your guard!

Support : A battery of Basilica SPAs is on call should you need to cover your retreat. Due to the nature of this mission no Sergeants are being provided. We don't want the enemy to know our plans, so it's small strike teams only.

Equipment : A Prophet APC kitted out with a cage strong enough to contain a vampire is at your disposal. Two corpses catchers and a tangle gun with three rounds are contained in the APC's armory locker.
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