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ebauche de one sheet (work in progress)

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ebauche de one sheet (work in progress)

Message  Noirfatale le Jeu 29 Oct 2009, 11:04 pm

bon je mets ca ici car je veux travailler la dessus a la maison:

Note; before the game, be sure to get a few blank character sheets prepared to be handle to the players.

This is a perfect filler adventure in the first campaign with the Queen Anathraxa or it can easily be adapted to be a separated stand alone adventure.

Begin with the recap of precedents adventures and follow-up to the opening scene of this episode with a fight between a pirate rocketship that have boarded the player's own rocketship because of a lucky hit at the propulsion letting the pc's ship with only half the normal movement.

Slipstream master have a total of 6 +2 benny per player character. (generally about 12 to 14 benny's)
Opposition on the battle map;

Captain Bob ; use the template on page 149 who happen to be also an alien (add one edge at slipstream master discretion

2 pirates officer per player, and fill the rest of the pirate crew with typical pirates. (Up to 8 pirates)

Let the fight begin and don’t forget to put lot's of ''Yarr'' ''You lubber '' “dirt lover” and other insult at every move of the pirates. When the player's are about to win...or lose the battle (the game master can draw a card to see when it happen in the round)... everybody roll a Spirits roll -2, failure gives a wound and a fatigue level, success gives a fatigue level and a raise will leave the character shaken. Then the Slipstream master switch some position on the map, and let the player wonder how they change place... and be sure to switch Captain Bob position with one of the character.

What happened? Minds haves switch place because of a malefic ray of polarisation transfer who struck both ships but don’t tell your player yet. The ray was fired from a third ship not too far from their position as a test to see if it works.

Now give the blank character sheets to the players... and ask them to copy their agility, strength and vigour and also theirs backgrounds and racial edges and finally their equipment and money. Then the game master switches it with other players and captain Bob ... players retain their skills and every edge except background and racial edge. (psionic and weird science edge are copied on both sheets)

Yes this is a little work in the middle of the game.. but believe me... players will haves a blast being in the skin of an other characters for a few hours figuring how to return to their own body.

Stop the fight now!!!Parlay!
Player's and captain Bob will be calling the truce... everybody on the ship has switch body with another poor victim. Captain Bob (now in the body of a player's character) will snatch is hat from the head of his former body and shout at his mate that it's him who is the Captain Bob. If the players take a look outside they may do a notice roll -4 if they succeed they spot an anataraxian warship leaving. They can chase the fleeing ship ... but only the pirate ship is fast enough to do so with a truce everybody board the pirate rocketship. (A pirate rocketship with a nose graviton gun and 4 rocket guns on the swivel mount).

As the character close on the third ship they will probably try to capture it. Unfortunately the secret weapon is a barely understood alien artefact and a unstable one at that react badly to graviton or explosions! At the first hit the ship will explode regardless of damage. If the character failed to detect the ship or to pursuit they will probably wonder what to do next.

Now what? ... If they blew the ship up they can look for debris or they can figure a course of action, let them simmer a bit, but with a successful general knowledge they can guess that they will need some genius and scientist to help them out or at least some very good equipment if a scientist is already on board. In any case, Babylonia is the place to visit.

Feel free to put some encounter during their trip toward Babel so they can fight or sneak their way in. When they finally reach their destination they will seek some help and/or material. After some Investigation Streetwise and Persuasion they will come across a worried babelonian name Professor Balour who had some Alien artefact stolen about 3 days ago.

The babelonian is worried that once he report this to the Queen's henchmen’s he will be severely punished. If asked or questioned he will be reluctant to talk at first but if persuaded he will tell them that the first stolen artefact is an alien crystal named polarizion, the second an alien weapon mount named the raycannon polarisation transfer, the third is a shrinkotron, along with a full thank of super fuel accelerator. All those item were in the warehouse adjacent to his lab and were guarded by two ape-man who are now missing. A clue lies in the ventilation doc where the thieves broke into the warehouse: a tool box full of tools that have been left behind. Examination of the tools reveal that it's from Aqwas and two Ape-man have been tied up and hidden somewhere in a crate inside the warehouse... not yet found by the others ape-man. They have been drugged and the only thing they saw was a hooded humanoid and 6 aliens with fish heads. (be vague as they saw them when loosing consciousness... there is two aquatic fragments, Akwas and Neptuna). But with a little investigation from the locals they will found which rocketship was use by the gang

On the way to Akwas, players will encounter a few drifting pirate that have their ships destroy by the same rocketship chased by the PCs. And told them theyre heading (not Akwas but Barter). (only a stop to change rocketship... some time to let the player with socials skill shine a bit tracing back the interloppers. And realise that the ship have been sold at a rediculous low price .. and the hooded being had buy 7 valkyri rocketship modified for speed. (movement 4 insted of 3) and with a little luck they will find a map of the stream with Pyre clearly marked as important left in the old ship.

As the player chase the intelopper to get back their original body's they now race to akwas or pyre... On akwas they may find the fishhead aliens (that are in fact 6 Sharkmans) who have been hired as mercenary to help the hooded inconue. The inconnue has left the place to Pyre with a packed valkyri rocketship letting the sharkmans alone.

On Pyre... as the player approche they now clearly see a Beam of ennergy from the fragment shooting it to the middle of the black hole. And the black hole slowly altering it's color. And a valkyri rocketship leaving the fragment... now they must choose.. letting the one escape and trying to stop whatever the beam is doing to the black hole or pursue the rocketship. The alien cannon is guarded by (2 to 3 Pyrites per character and don't forget that captain Bob want it's body back too so he still with the pcs!) use the rockman template on page 150 and just add heat immunity. As the alien cannon is now powered by the intence heat of the fragment.. and has now few attachment on it as the crystal polarizion on it. And remember.. hitting the zone with a graviton gun from a rocketship is a BAD idea!

After the defeated the pyrite guards.. it's time to shutdown the hole thing... let a player with the weird science shine a bit.

But waite... we are forgetting the now very angry master mind who's plan to inverse the black hole in the intent to cross it now failed! .. She is mad and want to restart her plan.... she's abord a Valkyrian rocketship (and a space move of 5 because of it's intensives modifications) with her pilot (a handmaiden) and yes.. this is an other clone of the Queen.

Handmaiden page 133 is the pilot (add ace to her edges)
Anathraxa clone page 132 who is a bit different from other clones... as she belive to be the original one and want's to return to the other side. Weird hey?

Now... if you are in season 2 ... let it be an other villain who want to escape the stream and have fun.

Good luck folks!

raycannon polarisation transfer

what does it do normaly ;
simple... switch the minds of beings in an other body, (and give an excelent laugh at the cheezyness) but the side effect beside being in the wrong body; it's dangerous to use psychic powers .. now that the mind is not in the right brain.
Mechanic; arcane power psychic roll for activation normaly... but the same number act as an oppose attack against the power user's own brain, and does 1 rank of damage or two on a raise (the poor victim now has the option to soak the damage by spending a benny to soak the damage with a roll of spirit instead of vigor.) yes this is a nasty trick
The ray cannon use extremly sensitive components very sensitive to graviton gun.. it tend to explode doing 1d12+90 in a large template if hit by a graviton gun. Please be carefull.

but it's not the only trick... the polarisation transfer raycannon may be hooked with a crystal polarizion change the beam and can alter the polisarisation of a black hole.. turning it in a white hole (yes this is also cheezy) and reversing the flow of the stream ... probably dooming it an it's inabitants in the process. Oh... now I think of it.. it's bad! Mouahahahhah. Their is a flaw... it must use treamendous power... like say ... heat from a volcano or lava to do so.

The crystal polarizion ; well .. it does not anything by itself

the shrinkotron .. it's basicaly a shrink raygun that shrink an item 1/10 of it's size till it's shoot again with the same ray. Very handy to transport big things like a raycannon. Howerver... slipstream master are encourage to destroy it before player put this overpowerfull item to thward every law of the univers like say... shrinking every treat in the stream

legal notice
copy right belong to Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Slipstream, Smiling Jack, Savage Worlds, and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. All Right Reserved.

Produced under license by Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. This is a free fan made adventure free to be distributed as you wish till Pinnacle entertainment or Studio 2 publishing say otherwise.
Long live the fun fast and furious system.
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Re: ebauche de one sheet (work in progress)

Message  Metalmek le Ven 30 Oct 2009, 2:54 am

j'ai déja vue ca quelque part lol


I'm reminded of the saying "build a man a fire and you will keep in warm for one night, set a man on fire and you will keep him warm for the rest of his life".
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