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npc du topas championship

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npc du topas championship

Message  Metalmek le Mar 15 Avr 2008, 5:07 am

Les possibles Participants:

Doji Wakao (Male Crane Courtier)
est fiance a Kakita Akemi, fille de Kakita Noritoshi

Mirumoto Otakan (Male Dragon Bushi)
Tamori Gojinka (Female Dragon Shugenja)

Kitsu Konoko (Female Lion Shugenja)
As a child, Konoko wanted to be a bushi. Her
parents, horrified at the notion, sent her to train as a
shugenja. Konoko was patient and learned as she was
told, but studies bushido and communicates with longdead
warriors. Her peaceful nature was sorely tested in
the past year when several of her family were slain in
the fighting at the City of the Rich Frog. Any Unicorn
who face Konoko in the Championship find her a most
determined opponent.

Matsu Yelena (Female Lion Bushi) - Jeff

Yoritomo Yuriko (Female Mantis Bushi??)

Agasha Hanori (Male Phoenix Shugenja)
Agasha Hanori is a promising young shugenja and a
darling of the courts. He has won over many people in
the Imperial City with his eagerness to please and happy
disposition - but he has not impressed his fiancée,
Otomo Umako. She knows Hanori's weaknesses for
sake, women and the high life, and volunteered him to
compete for the Championship so he could prove himself
a worthy husband. Hanori intends to gamble, drink
and socialize with the youths of many clans, possibly
competing somewhere in between those activities.

Shiba Takako (Female Phoenix Bushi)
Porte un masque comme les scorpions.

Bayushi Denbe (Male Scorpion Bushi)
His childhood sweetheart is Kakita Akemi, the daughter of the
tournament's organizer. She has been betrothed to another
Crane, but Denbe will do whatever he can to
impress Akemi and win her back.

Soshi Kojiro (Male Scorpion Shugenja) perso a Eric

Usagi Kamahime (Female Hare Bushi??)
Myope. Parle dans le vide

Hazu (Ronin??)

In Attendance

Kakita Noritoshi (Crane)

As the Kakita family daimyo and master sensei of the
Kakita Dueling Academy, the Topaz Championship falls
directly under Kakita Noritoshi's authority. Although
Noritoshi is somewhat antisocial, his legendary skill as a
duelist and sensei ensures that the Championship's host
is treated with nothing short of respect and awe.

Miya Shoin, Imperial Herald (Imperial Family)

The Imperial Herald is the Emperor's personal messenger,
and responsible for the Emperor's decrees reaching
even the most distant of his subjects. While
young, Shoin is devoted to his duties and widely respected
throughout the Empire. As is customary, Shoin serves
as the Master of Ceremonies for the Topaz
Championship, judging with absolute impartiality.

Mirumoto Rosanjin (Dragon)

Before he was a general and the Mirumoto family
daimyo, Mirumoto Rosanjin was a sensei at Iron
Mountain Dojo, the most illustrious Mirumoto family
dojo. Rosanjin is renowned for his outgoing nature and
his pleasant disposition, and is the most approachable
guest attending the competition.

Akodo Shigetoshi (Lion)

The Akodo provinces are a short distance from
Crane lands, and the Akodo family daimyo typically
attends to oversee the Lion's entrants in the competition.
Shigetoshi is a reclusive daimyo, virtually unknown
outside the Lion Clan. His presence at the contest
attracts attention, but he is largely unconcerned with
anything beyond the Lion contestants' performance.

Isawa Sachi (Phoenix)

The Elemental Master of Earth is among the
Phoenix Clan's most celebrated sensei. Sachi teaches
many skills beyond those associated with his School,
and finds the competition of tremendous interest. He
gladly talks to guests and competitors
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